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To set up a solar system without the outlay required to purchase the system, or to buy your own system outright? At Origin, we have two flexible options. 

Solar Flex

Our Solar Flex option gives you a solar system tailored to your roof and your electricity consumption habit — without the outlay of big dollars. With Solar Flex, we'll own the solar system and manage the upkeep. You lock into a low solar electricity rate for what your system produces.

You’ll sign an agreement to purchase the energy generated by the system. You'll be given certainty around the solar energy rate over that period. This means you’ll be able to purchase the electricity at the low solar energy rate for the full term of the contract (with the option of CPI escalation or not). And at the end of the term, you can offer to buy the system outright or continue with the agreement.

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Outright purchase

If you’re looking to purchase a solar system outright, we can design and install one for you — and then we’ll hand over the ownership. You’ll have the support of our experts throughout the entire process, from installation and grid connection application, to meter exchange and rebate facilitation.

If outright purchase sounds right for your business, we’ve got two payment options available:

Option 1

Our third party financing offer gives you a repayment term of 5 years with no deposit.

Option 2

For a system worth $20,000 or less, you can choose our interest free payment plan with 5% deposit over 24 months (when you pay by credit card).

(And you may be eligible for a tax deduction.)

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Important information about Solar Flex
Solar Flex is a long term agreement with significant financial implications for you. Whether and how you benefit depends on your particular circumstances, including your daily consumption levels and patterns. It will also depend your grid electricity rates - these rates are likely to change (in amount and potentially structure) over the duration of the Solar Flex agreement.